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Our magical place is nestled in the Bel Air forest, radiating Love and Happiness. Here, escape from life's routine becomes a journey into another World – a chance to reset and find solace for your soul and mind. With no rules, restrictions, or boundaries, we only seek one thing: for you to be unapologetically YOU. Share your life story, your path, and reveal the real YOU to us.

Our community is truly unique, composed of people from diverse circles. Creative, open-minded, and exuding positive vibes, they form the heart and soul of our sanctuary.

Modi Nochi, a non-profit organization, hosts uplifting musical and spiritual gatherings. We embrace international DJs while warmly welcoming new local artists, offering them a platform to express themselves. We love venturing into new experiences and bringing them to our Family. From snake massages to cacao ceremonies, sound meditations to cat therapy rooms – our ever-evolving list knows no bounds.

Supporting talented artists is a joyous endeavor for us, as we provide our space for their unique projects without charging any fees. Equipped with a top-notch sound system and all the essentials for DJs, our Moroccan-styled custom-made interior creates an inviting atmosphere, adorned with cozy chill zones draped in plush blankets and pillows. A plethora of rooms with interactive experiences await your discovery at Modi Nochi space.

Since 2022, Modi Nochi proudly hosts a Burning Man camp, dedicated to "virgin tours." Our mission is to help those who have never experienced Burning Man, guiding them through challenges, covering camping costs, tickets, transport, RV accommodation, and communal spaces.

Modi Nochi is an experience that surpasses mere tales. If you feel drawn to our enchanting realm, don't hesitate to send us a message with a brief introduction about yourself and what you can bring to our community.

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